New Ford Fusion offers stop-and-go tech to relieve stressful travel

Commuters, rejoice! Ford is introducing a new driver-assist technology that will make your morning drive a lot less stressful. Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology – designed to take the edge off driving in heavy traffic – is available in the 2017 Ford Fusion.

The semi-autonomous technology makes use of a sophisticated radar-and-camera based system to accelerate and break for the driver – all while maintaining a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead, bringing the car to a complete stop when traffic freezes.

Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go is just one of 20 driver-assist options for the new 2017 Ford Fusion available this spring.



You know that feeling of driving down a pothole-riddled road? The jarring jumps that hit you as you hit bump after bump after bump? Potholes don’t just hurt our cars. They can hurt us too, as the constant jarring can take a toll on our necks and back.


That’s why Ford engineers have created a new advanced computer-controlled shock absorber system for the all-new 2017 Fusion V6 Sport. This technology detects potholes and “catches” the car’s wheel before it has a chance to drop into the gap*.

Have you checked out Ford’s new shock absorber system in action? Those ping-pong balls aren’t the only things to avoid getting crushed. Your wallet will avoid a crushing too.

*Ford blog: