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Gorilla Glass for the GT

Ford Isn’t Monkeying Around With a Tough New Gorilla Glass for the GT

The Ford GT supercar doesn’t just have a gorilla under the hood in its 600-plus horsepower, 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. Now it’s also got one in its windshield and engine cover. The company has teamed up with Corning to deploy Gorilla Glass for the front and rear windows.

The material may be familiar—it’s a version of the tough, durable and scratch-resistant glass that is now used in the screens of 4.5 billion smartphones, tablets and computers around the world. However, this is the first time Gorilla Glass is being used in a production vehicle.

Gorilla Glass passing the hail test in Ford’s test lab

Gorilla Glass passing the hail test in Ford’s test lab

Ford chose Corning’s glass because it is extraordinarily tough. Five times stronger than ordinary glass, it can survive golf ball-sized ice spheres fired from an air cannon that destroyed regular automotive safety glass. It’s also 30 percent lighter than regular glass, allowing engineers to improve the GT’s fuel efficiency and handling, while reducing the likelihood of potential glass damage.

Peeling back the layers

The specially designed Gorilla Glass Hybrid for Automotive is actually a sandwich of complex layers – with an inner layer, a plastic adhesive interlayer and annealed soda lime glass as the outside layer.

All this and more in the 2016 GT

Gorilla Glass now joins the long list of cutting-edge technologies Ford has announced will be included in the 2016 GT supercar. Other features include a shape-changing rear wing designed to optimize airflow over the vehicle, a frame made of carbon fiber and aluminum, ultra-lightweight carbon ceramic brakes and ride height that lowers to improve performance.