Active park assist is a convenient driver’s aid that helps make parallel parking easy. When engaged, the system starts by helping you identify a suitable parking space. Once you shift into reverse, just take your hands off the wheel and the system will steer your vehicle into the space while you control the accelerator and brakes. Watch this video to learn more about this useful feature.



This system is designed to be a parking aid. The system may not work in all conditions, and it cannot replace the driver’s attention and judgment. The driver is responsible for avoiding hazards and maintaining a safe distance and speed, even when the system is in use.

Note: The driver is always responsible for controlling the vehicle, supervising the system and intervening if required. The sensors may not detect objects in heavy rain or other conditions that cause disruptive reflections. The sensors may not detect objects with surfaces that absorb ultrasonic waves.



When the system is activated, it will detect parallel parking spots that are large enough to fit your vehicle. When you shift into reverse, the vehicle will steer itself into the space. You will control the brakes, accelerator, and gearshift, but the wheel will move hands-free. The system will visually and audibly direct you into the space.


The system may not function correctly if an object passes between the front bumper and the parking space (for example, a pedestrian or a cyclist), or if the edge of the neighboring parked vehicle is very high off the ground (such as a bus, tow truck or flatbed truck).

Do Not Use the System If:

  • A foreign object (such as a bike rack or trailer) is attached to the front or rear of your vehicle or at another location close to the sensors.
  • An overhanging object (such as a surfboard) is attached to the roof.
  • The front bumper or side sensors are damaged or obstructed by a foreign object (such as a front bumper cover).
  • A mini-spare tire is in use.


Engaging the System

To activate the system, press the Active Park Assist button: Your screen will display a message and a corresponding graphic to indicate that it is searching for a parking space. Use your turn signal to tell the system whether you want to search for a parking space on the left or right. If you do not activate the turn signal, the system will automatically search on the passenger side.


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