Ultimate F-150 Raptor Canadian Road Trips!

Get out there and experience Raptor in its element. Here’s a quick and dirty guide for where across this great nation of ours you can really put your truck through its paces, from rocks to sand and every mud stop in between.


Rock Crawl – British Columbia

While the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor looks and feels like a truck built for speed, the methodical and exacting nature of a good rock climb is nothing it can’t handle. Hit the “rock climb” button on your dash and then venture into the wilds of BC’s lower mainland, where some of the best rock climbs in the country are found.

Not only does Rock Crawl mode prompt the driver to enter 4 LOW mode and maximize stability on this trick terrain, it also activates the front camera to allow a clearer view of what’s on the trail ahead.

Spots like “Hamburger Hill” just outside Mission or the foothills around Castlegar, in the Kootenies, provide ample opportunities to gear down and climb!


Baja – Alberta 

From the badlands in the south to spots like Brule Lake and Athabasca in the north, Alberta offers plenty of varied terrain for those off-roaders looking to get their Raptor into its native habitat.

Baja mode really lets the Raptor shine, offering improved engine response and more linear power for the hardcore off-rod driver.


Mud/Sand – Manitoba

With more than 110,000 lakes and countless major rivers, Manitoba is the place for mud. There are many locations just outside of Winnipeg, where mud pits await the arrival of your Raptor.

Mud/Sand mode keeps the steering set in comfort mode to make it easier to stay on course, while engaging the vehicle into 4 HIGH and optimizing AdvanceTrac to provide the solid footing you need.

Some popular trails in Manitoba include the Northstar trail (about 300KM from Winnipeg) and Seddon’s Corners, a popular spot among ATV enthusiasts that is much closer to Manitoba’s largest city.


Sport Mode – Quebec

When it is time for sport mode, head to “la belle province” to experience all your Raptor has to offer on solid ground. Sportier steering feel and quicker shifting makes for “spirited” on-road driving.

Enjoy the winding roads and breathtaking views of the Bas-Saint-Laurent – Gaspésie tour, where you will see Quebec like you never expected.


Weather – Newfoundland

It’s often said that in Newfoundland, you can experience all four seasons in the same day. We can think of no better place to experience Raptor’s weather mode, which automatically engages the throttle response and shifting schedule to allow greater confidence and handling.

There are many opportunities to get your truck dirty on “The Rock”, with the Viking Trail topping the list as the best way to see the island, reach historic spots, and gain access to some of the many off-road spots across the province.

This list represents the tip of the iceberg. Get out and discover the best places in your neck to learn what your truck can do!

Do you have a great off-road spot you’d like to share? Comment below.

It should go without saying that all drivers must obey local laws, speed limits and any other ordinances as it relates to off-roading, from proper safety equipment to respecting private and protected lands. Always use the buddy system and let someone know where you’re headed in your truck.

Be safe, respect the land, and have fun!


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