Hit the Road with the Whole Family in a Ford Transit

Move over minivans! The Ford Transit passenger wagon is quickly taking over as the first choice vehicle for large families.


Any large family can tell you that an event as simple as going to a team soccer game can be chaotic. Between fitting the whole family in safely, loading in any supplies, groceries or luggage, and while still getting good fuel economy, it can seem like an impossible task to find a vehicle that can accommodate a large family.

Cue the Ford Transit Wagon! Outperforming the status quo in nearly every task (storage, seating, fuel ecomony, engine power, etc), the Transit is the next big thing for family transportation. In fact, the Transit Passenger Wagon has already outsold all other vans in the U.S., according to Ford.com, and Canadians are quickly purchasing Transits as well, contributing to a record amount of sales in July 2016.

The Transit has a wide spectrum of benefits for large families. Edward Sanchez of Truck Trend Network wrote “The Transit has stand-up space in the high-roof models and ample room behind the aft row of seats, eliminating the act of tortuously bending over and squeezing between seats and shoving strollers and softball equipment between kids.”

The versatile and customizable Transit comes in a wide variety of configurations with the ability to choose out of three roof heights, multiple wheelbases and body lengths, three engines and more. So whether you have a family of eight and a standard sized garage, or a family of 15 and no garage at all, the Transit can accommodate your needs.

What is your family hauler of choice? If you’d like to make the switch to a Transit, call today: 780-454-2000.


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