Excitement Builds Around Canada’s Number One Selling SUV; New Features Added to 2017 Ford Escape


The 2017 Ford Escape, which is also Ford’s second best-selling vehicle in Canada behind the F-Series, just got even better! The updated interior now provides more center console room to store your cell phone, wallet, beverage and more. The SUV offers 25 percent more storage in the front row and 15 percent more storage overall.

What prompted the change? Zulf Ali, senior interior design expert at Ford Motor Company, was driving his wife’s 2014 Escape when he noticed he did not have any space to store his cell phone, wallet or sunglasses. After voicing his concern to his team, he was presented the opportunity to redesign the interior of the 2017 Escape. Ali refers to the center console area of a vehicle as “Manhattan real estate” due to its small yet valuable space. Ali also points out that now more than ever, most people carry a cell phone or other media devices, and Ford vehicles should accommodate the modern driver with plenty of storage space for these items.

To gain additional front-row storage space, a highly innovative change to the Escape took place: the traditional parking brake handle located between the two front seats was replaced with an all-new electronic parking brake button. This new addition made room to add a media bin that features a lighted USB port and a 12-volt power outlet. The main center console was expanded to allow 50 percent more storage than the previous model. Two additional storage bins were also placed in front of and behind the gear shifter.

In addition to interior upgrades, the 2017 Escape has several other new features that greatly improve the overall driving experience. Under the hood, two new EcoBoost four cylinder engines were added, a 1.5-litre (179 hp / 177 lb-ft.) and 2.0-litre (245 / 275). The most noticeable changes to the exterior are a new hexagonal grille, new headlights and a new front bumper design. New tech features including Adaptive Cruise Control, Engine Start/Stop and SYNC connect were also implemented. The 2017 Escape is making its way to dealerships this summer.


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