Get the most out of your driving experience with SiriusXM in your Ford

When you think about how much time you spend in your Ford, it’s a given that you probably do plenty of listening while behind the wheel.

Whether it’s catching up on the news of the day during the morning commute, bumping some party music on a Friday night cruise, or having an all-out sing-along with your buds on a weekend road trip, your Ford is like your very own private listening room on wheels, especially when you’ve got the kind of serious sound selections offered by SiriusXM.

Oh, did we mention now’s a good time because SiriusXM is free for Ford drivers (for a limited time)?

All you have to do is turn it on between May 18th and June 1st, 2016 and you can take SiriusXM for a test drive.

There’s bound to be something for you on one of the 54 SiriusXM channels at your disposal, no matter your mood or your musical pleasure of the moment. Whether you feel like the best of the 80s, today’s hottest country hits on Prime Country, vintage rock on the Classic Vinyl station, or booty-boppin’ dance beats on SiriusXM Fly the music is always commercial-free.

Need your entertainment fix? Get the inside scoop from NHL Network Radio, side-splitting comedy Laugh USA or the latest breaking news from CNN.

In fact, there’s even a chance that you might already have SiriusXM in your Ford right now. If that’s the case, it’s a great time to change the way you listen to the radio and find out for yourself just how great SiriusXM’s sound quality and diverse programming selections are – perfect if you’re lucky enough to have the THX-certified platinum sound system in your Ford Explorer.


And it sounds great too, especially coming through the Premium Audio System by Sony, featuring 12 high-end speakers installed in ten locations—talk about a reason to find that perfect program to suit your mood!


It’s time to hear what great radio sounds like in your Ford—take SiriusXM for a spin today!

Get started by pressing the SIRIUS, SXM, BAND, SAT, AUX, RADIO or SOURCE button on your radio. Consult the channel guide below to learn which stations are available during the promotion and enjoy the great programming!

Contact SiriusXM via their customer service chat portal or call them at 1-888-539-7474 with any questions or concerns.


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